Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Elokuu Järvi

Wavelets slapping flat back the boat poured from our oars

creasing and washing the lipped glass skin of sky
polished flat by the blue between beds of pale drifted grey.
Later, a smooth bumping across fields of chopped water

pulling against the earth as trees scrape the shore's crumbling
lines and lips mouthing a quick-bristled, leafed penumbra -
we carry clunked, resonant steps into a level path undertaken
by the skimmed pieces of last year's shore, and supper's glutted hide.

The wind dries our teeth into smiles and furrows us, sucked and
combed aside. Too shallow there for careless talk, when
as guests we float in borrowed boats and boots thick-waxed before us.
The rolling coal-breath building to scent and drip us wood-warm

with the day spent yet blue and clear, stilled expecting night and
made to wait in the gloaming. We sit between the lake
and the house, grown lighter for the shutting down and drawing-to
as water dries and fire fades, faces paling for the midnight moon.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Train Journey

The oaks are shepherds of grass: 
earth-reined clouds of vein and sap 
rooted to days of sliding tones. 
Sculpted, struck, and air-plucked 
our lines and poles that race the grain 
might tease the ageing sounds of muck.

Alone transcends Autumnal colour, 
fading every corner of the soul, dormant 
like a child breeding her own dark womb - 
a dull and pining presence, stairs 
spilling onto a platform of air. Or a door 
high in a wall, opening onto nothing. 

Time dried hard in faces: eyes ploughed with 
hours, bodied with swells and subsidences, 
flooding and sucking the channels of days 
like the bittersoft smears of old men’s tears - 
breathing a sob-seeping of lifeworn ways 
beneath hoarded thoughts and patient years.

So look for me in reflections of clouds 
swelling fathoms below you, watching 
or in that creche of bracken, snow-hatching.

A Similar Hue

I walk with the author 

      of scent and sound - 

a sculptor of shape 

      and shade beside 

my destiny-tread. This 

       truth will not blend.

Her eyes called what 

       seemed a similar hue, 

not true but coloured 

       with a life and line - 

shades and flickering 

       raises, glimpses glinting 

at me: too hungry 

      for anything more than 

a pulped, puckered depth 

      filmed with the day-surface.


Called by the sheen of tears on your face 

To hold you firm and carry you far 

From night-shadows behind and the shallow smile 

Of yesterday’s hope betrayed. One 

To bring us, broken, into the arms of a King 

To bury that face of loss, and sobbing cry 

On the heart of the name we no longer deny. 

Crimson-cloaked and crowned to follow - 

                                         Eyes shining, rising 

With the True Light now of our every tomorrow.


Do you believe the wine or the water?

     Springs in the hills and cloud-coral skies -
All light-spattered, passing
     Like the dawning of night in your eyes.

Until Eternity


To the heart of it. Call the theme and I
    will answer with only the core of the
creation-breath in me. Sweeping through it,
    soaring over all, singing every soul-song alone
and together again at last. All in one, sunk
    and strung through with the tides of a wind
unwritten and precast in the forges of those
    sunlight-eyes. A past cast and caught to be
swung, woven anew with honey-dripped
    dewstreams of unbroken truths untold
and as yet unsung by angel-poets in the
    treetops. Listening to You. Calling to You.
In earnest weeping on feet that glow with
    the dust of heaven’s dawning, feet that grow
rooted to a life of glory never defined but
    destined to be shouted and hurled from
the crest of every wave, thundered from
    every cloud and sung from every throat
that has known that voice. That beat of war,
    that crash of a new tide on shores of gold,
and the throb and roar as the mountains
    kneel before the Master: Creator-Illuminator,
Love-shining Maker. The Heart of it.


We bow.
             Time will barely allow us to catch
a glimpse, to watch the ever-present glory
             flow in processions of light and harmony from

the broken gates of that darkest, plundered place.
             Thundering calls embrace minds awoken now
to the death of all that binds, all that was broken
             and taken from the hands of death. Removed

from all who will allow The Life to awaken
             the joy til now half-hidden: the sunlit lands
all-held in hearts but yet unbidden, now called
             unveiled, beheld by parts til now unlighted.


Your hand will hold, Your heart will call
Your voice will mould my soul, my all
with words that burn, refining true
my heart held fast beholding You.

The songs that flow from heaven’s throne
breathe growth to tearful seeds once sown
and life to minds once darkness-bound
now caught embraced by Love profound.

The Man of Truth, my Light Immortal -
all creation’s Lord through Love eternal:
Your smile my prize and gift by grace,
eyes streaming joy we are face to face

Monday, 27 April 2009


Furrows of bronze swathe the sky in

this twilit awe-golden bluewash
of an evening looking down on fields of
birds and a forest in smoke and skeleton-brush:
clustered, ringed and grass-lapped.
Drinking the sound of dusk-trapped day,
dozing cloudfall vistas glower clod-trodden -
crusting fleck and feel, peelable. Strokable.
Crescendo-attainable through panes
of green and grainy mirrors of world:
That still moment between day and dusk
when the grass glows harder than the sky.